Bikram's Intraday Trading Courses

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Learn Intraday trading to earn money daily

There is no limit of earning - Earn 200 - 2000 Rs, 5000 to 50000 Rs or more in a day by day trading

Intraday Trading or Day Trading Courses

Why day trading ? By day trading you can earn everyday by participating in different types of trading. In the same day buying and selling stocks, futures options contracts are completed and profit booked.

Getting success in Day Trading

Intraday trading is not easy money, you need skills to earn and firstly you need solid knowledge, then you need to practice day trading for few months.

1. Learn trading

You need solid technical analysis knowledge to earn money from stock market. Then you need to learn intraday techniques. All included in our courses

2. Gather Experience

After learning technical analysis and day trading techniques you need to practice for gathering experinece. This phase is most important.


Earning from stock market is just a matter of time after learning the trading skills and gathering few months to 1/2 years experience.